Oli Ridley

Microsoft Talent Director - Azure

Oli is a 'wannabe' big mountain skier and now the resident Azure guru here at Cloud Decisions. Over the past few years, Oli has made it his mission to delve deeper and deeper into the world of Azure, culminating in him achieving his Azure Cloud Certification.

Oli's in depth subject knowledge helps him to uncover some of the UK's hardest to find cloud talent for an illustrious list of Microsoft Cloud Partners including, Microsoft’s #1 Global Partner, five of the UK’s top Azure Expert MSP's and an array of Global Cloud Specialists. With a core focus on Azure Consulting/Architecture, Azure DevOps/Automation and Azure Security, Oli's candidate network includes some of the countries top contract and permanent Microsoft Cloud experts. 

When he's not trying to keep up with Microsoft's latest Azure features (which seem like a daily challenge!) he spends his time with family Murphy and makes sure he gets at least one week a year in the snow!